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BBot goes temporarely free - MegaNo0body - 06-02-2018 04:27 PM

Hello guys,

Payment issues
Due to several problems with our main payment system lots of users were affected, we decided to give everyone a free acces to BBot until the payment system normalizes.

We are working together with the payment gateways and looking for alternative payment options.

Please, share the cool payment options you know, that would be nice to have in BBot. I've heard about DotPay and PayU. Also, I'm thinking about bringing back DaoPay.

Solution - Free period
BBot download and login is available for anyone, even for new accounts. Your 'Free Account' will be able to login on BBot.

Current premium users:
You will not be mistreated! After the free period goes off, all the days you have lost will be recovered with a little extra!

Please, take the opportunity to share with your friends BBot, show them how nice and easy it is! Smile


Best regards,

RE: BBot goes temporarely free - the angels - 06-03-2018 12:18 PM

I believe that pagseguro is the best method for payment BR.