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BBot 82.2
04-05-2017, 05:59 PM (This post was last modified: 04-05-2017 06:06 PM by MegaNo0body.)
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BBot 82.2
Hello guys,

Quote:+ Bank Balance support new Trade message: 'Your account balance is now...'

+ HUD alignment constants to HUD.Print and HUD.Setup
* Fixed Attack Sequences, Mana>NeededMana should be Mana>=NeededMana
* Fixed Advanced Attack Waver unnecessary exhaustion between turn & shoot

= Macro internal functions Add, Sub, Div, Mult, Mod now return values and won't change variables, also they receive absolute values instead of variable names.

+ New macro variable usage possibility: !VAR instead of !VAR!, both will be supported

+ Macro Cooldown System - allows you to create a internal macro cooldown, you can use cooldowns to create conditions that last a certain period
+ [macro] Cooldown.Create(CooldownName, Delay)
+ [macro] Cooldown.Rest(CooldownName)
+ [macro] Cooldown.Blocked(CooldownName)
+ [macro] Cooldown.UnBlocked(CooldownName)

+ Macro Constants feature, some common used constants now have pretty names, making easier to understand the macros

+ [macro] Self.Direction()

= Macro Editor auto-complete now shows more information about each function
+ Macro Editor auto-complete: "!" for variables and ":" for constants

Macro constants:
Now BBot support a kind of constants in Macros.

1. Some functions returns constants:
Self.Direction -> :North | :South..

2. Some functions receives constants as parameters
HUD.Setup(HAlign, VAlign) where VAlign could be :VTop | :VMiddle | :VBottom

3. These constants can be used in comparison:

4. And finally, some constants are not constants, but easier names for common variables:
:x | :y | :z -> returns CURRENT player position
:SelfID -> returns current player ID
:TargetID -> returns current player Target ID (or 0 if none)

Macro Cooldowns
Macro cooldowns allows you to create internal cooldowns/exhaustions. They can be used to allow/disallow actions for an certain period:

WeHaveAPlayerOnScreen Cooldown Activator (auto: 100ms)
100 {WeHaveAPlayerOnScreen Cooldown Activator} Creatures.PlayersOnScreen()>0 Cooldown.Block(WeHaveAPlayerOnScreen, 5000)

WeHaveAPlayerOnScreen Cooldown Usage (auto: 1000ms)
1000 {WeHaveAPlayerOnScreen Cooldown Usage} Cooldown.Blocked(WeHaveAPlayerOnScreen)==1 [NotActivated] Debug.Log(There were no players on the last 5s on screen) Exit() {NotActivated} rest:=Cooldown.Rest(WeHaveAPlayerOnScreen) Debug.Log(There was a player on the last !rest)

This version is still beta, we are testing the constants, if you have any issue, please post it here!
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