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Please Fix Rope Spot / Stairs bug
03-18-2014, 01:53 PM
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Please Fix Rope Spot / Stairs bug
1 - Justify your suggestion?
The cavebot stops when other player stay on a rope spot or stairs. Even I configure the cavebot to walk over players, it just stops when this situation occurs.
2 - Exemplify?
These two situations happen with me, more than one time each. And in other places, with other scripts.
First Situation - I was hunting rotworms in Venore, and another botter was stopped in a rope spot sqm, making runes. My cavebot stopped and I was there, doing nothing, for hours, until get home.
Second Situation - I was hunting elves/firestarters at Shadowthorn, and a player stopped in a stair sqm. This time, I had waypoints to keep walking, without up there, but it didn't happen. Again, I was stopped for around half hour.
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