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BBot PK team?? Read it!! (this time it's true)
07-25-2016, 08:51 PM
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Star BBot PK team?? Read it!! (this time it's true)
Hello everyone!
As you read I want to do a pk team. We tried it once but many bad things happenned like mass bans.

-What is my idea?
My idea is to make a pk team of bbot users, as we tried 2 years ago. As you know, actually a group of 25 SD char have a lot of power!

The most suitable world is Antica: this server will never die and will always have a lot of active people, so making pvp there can be funny.

-How many people do we have?
I have like 10~ friends interested on the project. I hope to get 10 more from bbot community, which is enough to start some action. If there is action, more people will be interested.

-Who is actually on the project?
Mainly spanish players, few brazilians and few polish, actions would be done in English of course.

-When do we start the action?
After summer holidays (12+ september). 40+ days left for it, so we have time to prepare everything!

-What do you need to join?
If you want to join just create a level 8 in Antica and start train offline. Post here telling the name of your char and the name you are known by.

If you have some suggestion I'm glad to hear them.
@mega can you offer us some help/suggestion?
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