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Full Version: Self.Balance
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Windows Version:W8.1
Firewall Version:Native Windows
Antivirus Version:Windows Defender
Script Used:Carlin Corym
How to reproduce the bugBig Grinoesnt Work Self.Balance
Photos/videos (optional)Big Grinoesnt Have

0 {Balance} balance:=Self.Balance()
3800 {Balance Display} HUD.Setup(3, 2, 255, 255, 0) HUD.Display(Conta: !balance! Gold)

Cavebot Settings
Fixed (32326 31782 7)
NPCSay (32326 31782 7:hi)
NPCSay (32326 31782 7:withdraw)
Withdraw (32326 31782 7:268 50 !mppot!)
Withdraw (32326 31782 7:!hpid! !hpprice! !hppot!)
NPCSay (32326 31782 7:yes)
NPCSay (32326 31782 7:balance)
Macro (32326 31782 7:Balance)
Point (32326 31784 7)

Problem: !balance! return 0
The Problem is when the account balance is higher than 100k! Please fix it mega!
Sorry guys, I'm not that rich.
I'll fix it tonight.
(05-07-2014, 08:53 PM)MegaNo0body Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry guys, I'm not that rich.
I'll fix it tonight.

Another bug in balance, after 1 hour that i said balance, the bot lost de variable !balance! and start to print in HUD '!balance!' , this is a minor bug... im only relating for u Mega! Thanks