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Full Version: Energy Ring WAR system
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hi i have this macro
500 {Energy Ring} Self.Health%()<55 [jump] Self.Equip.Ring(3051) Exit() {jump} Self.Health%()<80 [jump2] Exit() {jump2} Self.UnEquip.Ring(0) Exit()

but i need one like this for this bot

auto 2 { listas 'Energy Ring' | setcolor 255 2} if [$hppc <= 40] equipring 3051 | if [$hppc >= 85] equipring 9392

to equip the other ring when hp is above 80%
Just edit your first macro.
Like this, test it.
[macro]500 {Energy Ring 2.0} Self.Health%()<=40 [jump] Self.Equip.Ring(3051) Exit() {jump} Self.Health%()>=80 [jump2] Exit() {jump2} Self.Equip.Ring(9392) Exit() [/macro]
9392 is what ring?
there is no 9392 ring or it may be some ring when its already ON finger

energy rin when in bp has 3051 and when active on finger it is 3088