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Full Version: Project Up Level 2-100 (Knight) (Facc)
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I want to start a new project by the Forum to acquire more experience with other users. During this project we will see a knight leveling level 2-100

Project start : 12.13.2015 at 18:42 ( Brazil Time)

Monitor the project in this post! See the images below
[Image: 17mvGQQ.png]

[Image: ViVcin6.png]

go xD

Today we bring you another update knight project facc 2-100.

I am currently level 15 and low skills as only up, I will give priority in UpLevel and I do not train yet! Yesterday I left for hours leveling the cave of Venore salamanders, made a 2031 gold coins profit and some items, I had more but was killed by a pk just before the server save, follow the pictures!

[Image: s9paYY0.png]

I'm thinking WHAT buy with this money, I am using sword, and now Serpent Sword or Ratana?

I thank all who are following this project, thank you! Big Grin
use serpent. kill more fast

Today I bring another project update for you, I took a little improved on the set of my knight and now we have a sword serpent that will help us kill faster monsters, as we can see we are just over 40 hours of stamina so I'll return the leveling just today after the 19 hours of Brazil.

Check out the photo below Big Grin

[Image: FVlTUMY.png]

Thank you for your tip Axalis Big Grin

Today we bring another project update for you. The character is already level 22 and have 7442 gold coins out items, also found a Rat God Doll inside a backpack in the depot and sell it for 2,000 gold coins. I think if I sell all the loot we get close to the 15 or 20 thousand gold coins.

Look at the last photo below! Big Grin
[Image: cVulIQG.png]
Let´$ get it! keep going
buy aol and use twist of fate, if u are kill for pk.. loss only 2k xd
(12-17-2015, 08:33 AM)Axalis Wrote: [ -> ]buy aol and use twist of fate, if u are kill for pk.. loss only 2k xd

I'm in a very retro with pvp, there is no blessing from death by pk Sad

My project is hardcore! hahaha
server? mortera?

yes its hardcore xD
(12-17-2015, 08:55 AM)Axalis Wrote: [ -> ]server? mortera?

yes its hardcore xD

Chrona :p
Another update on the project today, yesterday we reached level 25 and have saved some money already for better equipment, I'll level up over 10 levels in venore salamanders and then go make the task of minotaurs to get the nose ring, follow the last photo character

[Image: iM1pApd.jpg]
After a long time I bring you today a further update on the project. We have already managed to achieve some level 35 days in cave salamanders in the city of Venore and now we're doing the task of minotaurs in Kazordoon, we kill a little more than 1500 minotaurs and have reached level 37

In our bank we have just over 100k

[Image: ZjheMZM.png]

[Image: F5F3Bxi.png]

THANKS FOR 500+ VIEWS!!! Big Grin
GoGoGo ! ;]
Which kazoo mino script are you using?
Lets go bonelords hellgate after mino task 5k profit per hour. No pkers. Is good exp till 50-60
free accounts can do mino task?
(03-01-2016, 06:00 PM)Purple Dream Wrote: [ -> ]free accounts can do mino task?

ye... the mission is for free...
gogo man
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