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Full Version: Tibia 11.0, end of support for Real Tibia
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Hello guys,

Today we have some sad news in BBot community, this is the official announcement: we are not going to support Tibia 11.0.

I would like to thank all my loyal customers, I want you to know you have helped this community and helped us do what should be one of the easiest bots of Tibia. This is not the end of BBot, we will keep our support for OTServers and from time to time add new features, fix bugs and so on.

The decision wasn't easy, BBot is part of my life for more than 10 years, however my goal has changed, I'm focusing on the success of my corporate career and in my humble opinion I'm succeeding in it.

Updating BBot for Tibia 11.0 would need several weeks of work, a exhausting effort that I'm not paying. Also, to be honest, to me, Tibia died years ago, I don't feel the same passion for it that I had years ago. I dislike several of their updates and I really hope that they will recover the game and become a big game again. However, I'm out of this history.

Thank you!

Some of us were part of my family, I don't think I need to list a name of my brothers and sisters, you know if you are one! I specially have a huge appreciation for all the time you helped me in this journey!

For those who plays OTServer, well, there are some OTServers that really makes me happy, some of them are really innovative, they create new features, new games! I hope that these OTServer will continue bringing us a lot of fun! Remember. this is our goal here: having FUN!

BBot will be kept paid, with the same price, and no refunds will be given for those who paid to use it only on Tibia 11.0: remember, BBot was always focused on several Tibia versions, and Tibia 11.0 is only a small part of all BBot capabilities!

In the undefined future, BBot sources will be released!

Peace, health and love!
Thanks u my friend Sad
part of my life has just ended. Thanks you so much Mega!
thank you for all mega we really preciatte
thank u for all MEGA, we had great moments with BBOT
and good luck in your life!
God bless your life forever!
and others bots for tibia real?
Srry bro bbot the best bot of tibia!
Its rly sad msg.. But I believe every1 understand your decision. Im strongly sure it wasn't easy for you Mega. Lot of work by many years just ending now. It wasn't work.. it was realizing your passion.
Passion made professional
professional gave you comfort.
Nothing left me without wishing you tons of successes in your carrier like you were achieved them in that project.
I hope you won't forget us Smile
Take care
Thanks mega for all what you did Smile

Good luck and all best for you!