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Full Version: Advenced attack
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Dont know why, but when i am surrounded by 8 monsters and i have macros for 'exevo mas san' 'exori san' 'exori con' dependings on conditions my first attack nomatter what is 'exori san' with multiple target around me and no players nearby.
Why? Why bot doesnt continue 'exevo mas san' after every kill (or at least most of them). After target is dead there is once 'exori san' instead of mas san.

Creatures.PlayersOnRange(4)<=1 [else1]
Self.Say(exevo mas san)
Macro.Run(san strike)

Creatures.PlayersOnRange(2)<=1 [else4]
Self.Say(exori san)
Self.Say(exori gran con)
Self.Say(exori con)
I did not have this problem when using advanced attack, -you are using macros.

I stopped doing that while ago, when i figured out how fullcheck in 'attack sequences' works

edit: I dont really have time explainig-

Below is one of my scripts I used for RP (it was fast attack and low exhaust OTS with a bit map changes - so wont work imidiately for u, need adjustments)
If u open it in notepad, you will see how is fullcheck in attack sequences made:

san@Data={"name":"san","action":"Safe mas san","creatures":["%Monsters"],"type":"AreaSpell","minCreatures":2,"radius":3}

{Safe mas san}$ 350 0 100 0 Check !PSan!<=1 ECheck:exevo mas san;

20 {safer mas san} PlrQ:=Creatures.PlayersOnRange(4) PTQ:=Creatures.ByRangeParty(4) PSan:=Sub(!PlrQ!, !PTQ!)


and here is my EK script on that fast atk ots (server is Shut down now)

U meant this?
[Image: ukrSlEw.jpg]

But u can use it only to all attacks, so if u are using fullcheck it ll be for all attacks Sad
Probably u can edit it through notepad, but thats the only way.
Or u meant smth else and i misunderstood u
Yes I mean this, and no, you use it for each sequence.

Fullcheck. On sequence is added the moment you press add (spell, rune, macro) and then is further hidden and not editable, but it's there. And it works
are u sure? on 82.6 seems like its bugged then, tonight i ll upload video here
for sure its not bugged.

It is just dificult to understand that, there is a setting, which you setup once, and then you can't see that it's there.
Thats the confusing part.
But it works great once you figure it out.

I compitely forgot

My ED /MS script for hexera serpent spawns in engran uses advanced attack with fullchecks!

Read what i said in RED in that post
Ok, so i can edit it through notepad.

But lets say i want to edit it through bbot.
Any chance to get some tutorial video? :p
you cant edit it through bbot, already told you.

you can delete and add again
ok, working, thanks Smile

adv atk doesnt work properly tho