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Full Version: Re-enabling payment requirements
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Hello guys,

In the previous month we gave everyone free access to the download and usage of the BBot. This was caused because there was several instabilities in our payment gateways, causing lots of payments to fail, which is now normalized. Besides that, the SMS payment option can't be found anymore in Paygol.

Unfortunately we were trying to add new SMS billing gateways to BBot. However, this task was proven almost impossible. The SMS billing gateways we found won't support Game Bots. As we found no good option to provide SMS billing, we decided to keep the same payment methods as before.

Looks like the SMS billing market got very regulated in the recent months, because now they have very strict rules and most of the gateways went out of the market.

For the users that was already premium, you all received 40 days free premium on your account, that you must activate.


Best regards,
Cool Smile
Do you plan to develop bbot still? Tongue