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Full Version: 28649 in healer bug
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can sb tell me why 28649 can't be item for heal? i play on Evolunia and potion for ek 650+ have id 28649
Add in variables:
Quote:50 {HP} selfID:=Creature.Self() Misc.ItemCountEx(!hpID)>=1 Self.Health%()<=64 [Jump] Creature.ShootOn(!selfID!, !hpID) Exit() {Jump} Self.Mana%()<=20 Creature.ShootOn(!selfID!, !mpID) Exit()
thx for macro
[Image: P75bIPQ.png]
You need to add the ID in bbot.items
If u have more potions just add more IDs.

Add in the end.
Quote:28649,7,0,0,0,evolunia potion
work thx
Also i think now u can add the potion in healer.