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Full Version: Macro under hotkey.
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Hi guys i'm here to explain how to make bbot activate macros under specific keyboard keys.

First you have to create a macro with this comand before any other:


Ex: 1000 {Drop Vial} Tibia.IsKeyDown(VirtualKeyCode)==1 Y:=Self.Y X:=Self.X Z:=Self.Z Map.Thrown(285, 100, !X!, !Y!, !Z!)

(1) Delay can't be 0.
(2) It doesn't work without tibia selected.

VirtualKeyCode: It's one hexadecimal number or keyword that's assigned to an specific keyboard key, Here is the Codes.

So if I want to drop vial with del key the macro will be like this:

1000 {Drop Vial} Tibia.IsKeyDown(46)==1 Y:=Self.Y X:=Self.X Z:=Self.Z Map.Thrown(285, 100, !X!, !Y!, !Z!)
interessante...I will test later ...