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Full Version: [KG] Searoutes - Yalahar - All vocations - 100% afk
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Searoutes - Yalahar - All vocations - 100% afk
[Image: Rum_Flask.gif][Image: Bowl_of_Evergreen_Flowers.gif][Image: Sample_of_Sand_Wasp_Honey.gif][Image: Piece_of_Royal_Satin.gif][Image: Rum_Flask.gif]

This script start on Thais depot near bank, withdraw 10k to passage/buy itens.
Route: Thais>Venore>Ab'dendriel>Carlin>Liberty Bay>Yalahar.

Auto deposit itens with NPC Karith and stop on Yalahar depot.

Level: 10 or higher
Customizable: No.
Missions: None
Equipments: None
Supply Buyer: None
Tested: Yes.

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