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Full Version: Kazordoon - Dragons 101% AFK
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Dragons - Kazordoon Moutains

Area:Dragons - Kazordoon Moutains
Monsters:[Image: Dragon.gif][Image: Wyvern.gif]
Depot, Bank:Kazordoon
EQ:[Image: Oehr8RL.png]
Settings:[Image: lpEE60J.png]
[Image: ojVKdVf.png]
  • You need to have in depot BP with 10 BP's - ready to open one by one
  • Configure Variables for repot!

Advanced Tools - Variables
  • Stamina check, default is to log out when 14 hours stamina left.

Exp per hour: ~55k/h
Gold per hour:~7k/h
Loot:[Image: Gold_Coin.gif][Image: Small_Sapphire.gif][Image: Small_Diamond.gif][Image: Dragon%27s_Tail.gif][Image: Green_Dragon_Leather.gif][Image: Green_Dragon_Scale.gif][Image: Wyvern_Talisman.gif][Image: Emerald_Bangle.gif][Image: Life_Crystal.gif][Image: Strong_Health_Potion_Nap%C3%B3j.gif][Image: Crossbow.gif][Image: Steel_Helmet.gif][Image: Broadsword.gif][Image: Serpent_Sword.gif][Image: Wyvern_Fang.gif][Image: Dragon_Hammer.gif][Image: Wand_of_Inferno.gif][Image: Dragonbone_Staff.gif][Image: Dragon_Shield.gif]

Everything works fine rep+
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