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Full Version: [Germany] [10 & 11] Leiends - War Server
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Some information:
  • Start at 6 June, 18:00 PM +1 GMT
  • Server hosted in Germany (We'll try to put a proxy for latin america)
  • Version: 10 & 11
  • Start level 80 and end level its 200.
  • Quest Set it's better then Donator Set.
  • 6 Quest for do but you need kill a lot of ppl.
  • The map is small and playful. (3 Temples, you can move using !tp)
  • Killing people you'll get leiends tokens, you can exchange them for money or tibia coins.
  • NO Ultimate and Supreme potions.
  • Magebot works in our client.
  • No P2W (Pay to Win)

  • Quest x Frags.
  • War System.
  • Cast System.
  • All outfits and mounts 10 & 11 version
  • 100% Custom Map (Soon tour map)
  • Trainers Monks
  • Offline Trainers
  • Skull System.
[Image: frags.gif]

[Image: temple1.gif]
[Image: temple2.gif]
[Image: temple3.gif]


Before finish:
The rates and other info have not yet been decided, a few days before the opening, everything will be ready.

All comments are welcome, regards!
Registration is open!
I'm going to give 500 coins to all the bbot users <3
Is BBot even compatible with their client? Have you tried it?
yes, it is compatible
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