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Full Version: Fixed number
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Hello, I would like to know how I can add a fixed number to variables so that it is not divided / added / multiplied or subtracted. E.g, if I enter respawn, then I get added to variables Killer=1, if I leave hunt the macro added to variables Killer=0. Thank's for all answer. Regards!
Huh, sure,

I usually use no kill points in cavebot to stop killer in certain places

Or Self.PositionIn command

Self.PositionIn(X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2) Check if the player is in a position box → :True | :False
I mean that in your lure before full check it would add to variables Cave Killer=0 and after checking CaveKiller=1. If i have full check on at the end respawn the bot goes crazy and often does not leave respawn.
i'd have to see that, never had any problem with bot not leaving spawn with my lure
if u want i have cast on hexera. password 2314
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