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Full Version: Bot doesnt auto-target
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Hey, I'm camping a boss respawn on a otserver.
The bot doesnt auto-target the monster even tho I've added it as normal in the attacker.
I also added a macro to auto-sd monsters, but it doesnt attack.

Does anyone have a clue whats wrong?
Never came across this problem earlier.

If anyone has a macro for this that works, I'd appreciate it.
I've tried regular attack, advanced attack, macro to auto-sd any targets on the screen etc.
It only works when I stand beside the monster.
But that's not possible, since I'm not tanking it.
I'm supposed to be standing 2-3 sqms away, and there's other people tanking it.
But this bot only seems to attack things that arent blocked, which sucks.

Paying for a bot, and not even the staff responds. OmegaMeh