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Full Version: Open Loot Bag container on re-opening bps/depositing?
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Open Loot Bag container on re-opening bps/depositing?

Is there any way to fix this, or do Admin of BBot have to make an option for it to open just like there is with backpacks?

Thank you.

I really need this.

Regards, Elmgren1337
Not sure I understood your request, so, when the reopen backpacks happen you want to open also a lootbag? This lootbag keep following you?
(01-03-2021, 09:54 AM)MegaNo0body Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure I understood your request

The "Store" lootbag doesnt open in the bot.
Could you add a function similar to the "Open Backpacks" function, but with "Open Store Lootbag".

In Gunzodus/Ezodus OT server I loot everything there with autolooter.
But the bot doesnt re-open that "Store lootbag".

Bump Smile

I need feature like this as well :/

[Image: btwuSid.png]

[Image: LrEAsSK.png]
nvm sorted out