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Full Version: Need Help | Problem walking through familiar in pz.
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Hey BBot!
I need some help.

IF my familiar is active while I'm in protection zone doing a deposit in the depot chest, the character doesnt find a way when trying to move out.
On another note, it cant walk through the familiar, the bots doesnt find a way even tho you can walk through it in pz.

Can anyone solve this with a macro or similar?
Would be great if I could fix this, so I can release my script.

The familiar helps keeping the waste down 15minutes off 45 ran, so it would be appreciated alot.


It worked by adding a WalkE macro on all the deposit spots.
But if anyone got a better advice, I'd love that.
Cuz now it will try to WalkE on each depot.
But atleast it works for now.
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