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Full Version: How Use/Active a BBot Macro
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Who use a macro?

I go use the Trough [Image: Trough.gif] Smasher Macro to explain. The epic trapper of the cavebots, it is not pickupable and not walkable, then we go smash it.

1- You get the code and copy.
HUD.Display(19:24 You see a trough. Bye trapper)
Map.UseOn(!melee!, !furniture!, !x!, !y!, !z!, 1)

2- Paste the macro on the BBot Macro Edit
[Image: scaled.php?server=577&filename=scripth.png&res=landing]

3- Set a name to your macro and a delay time ( 2000 on macro = 2 seconds ), after click done and execute.
[Image: script2i.png]

Done! You macro are active
Really nice man! Big Grin
When those macros already ready, you just click on Paste-Edit.
What will stay the same.
Yes, i go add this part Big Grin
Nice Xd no i know that damn macro xD
Oo and now i know how to make anti-push thx Big Grin
and for broke spider web with machete what i use ???
What I have to do when I want to use macro on anti push and push max? Can I put macros on hotkeys?
make multi items destroy macro ;d