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quiver - erleo - 04-05-2021

1- Add quiver like main bp then when the bot reset the bps will open 1st main BP, 2nd quiver, 3rd the rest of bps inside main BP.
2- Make auto refill for the quiver. Right now i'm using these both macros to refill the quiver but i need have all the arrows at the begining from the main BP. Maybe it's posible to implement this easier in re-user functions.

[macro]10 {Quiver} Cooldown.Blocked(Quiver)==0 Self.Attacking()==0 [Kill] Misc.ItemCountEx(!ammoID)>=!ammoLEAVE [UnEquip] Self.Inventory.RightHand(35849)==0 [UnEquip] Self.Attacking()==1 Cooldown.Create(Quiver, 4000) Self.Equip.RightHand(35849) Exit() {Kill} Self.Attacking()==1 Cooldown.Create(Quiver, 4000) Self.Inventory.RightHand(35849)==0 Self.Equip.RightHand(35849) Exit() {UnEquip} Self.Attacking()==0 Self.UnEquip.RightHand(0) Exit()[/macro]

[macro]1000 {Quiver Refiller} Container.Item.ID(0, 1)==!ammoID Container.Item.ID(1, 4)==0 Container.Item.Move(0, 1, 1, 100)[/macro]

[Image: 12.png]

RE: quiver - Mateorueda52 - 04-14-2021

bro this no are open quiver

RE: quiver - karo5000 - 06-02-2021

Yeah, it is the most important change right now.