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☆ Elmgrens Leveling Guide ☆ - Elmgren1337 - 04-18-2016

\(•_•)/ Elmgrens Leveling Guide \(•_•)/

☆ Royal Paladins ☆
From Level 1 to Mainland, I'd suggest you to make Level 9 and a half~ in Dawnport. The reason is that you make it fast in Dawnport anyway, and you'll get more HP:MANA, and it saves you some time.

From Level 10 to 25~ I'd suggest you to hunt Rotworms. With Serpent Sword or Spears.(I'd recommend sword if you have bad distance).

25-35~ (Distance 75-85~)
From this Level, if youre character meets this req dist, I suggest you to walk to Orc Fortress. Try to clean everything around you before pushing.
May be hard, so use a decent EQ, Royal Spears and a shield. Bring potions.

35-40/45+ (Distance 80~+)
Venore Dragon Cave, with good EQ, Royal Spears and a shield.
Bring potions and food. Go slow, make sure you buy all spells that you could possibly need. (Exura,Exura Gran, Utani Hur, Exori Con, Levitate...).

When you feel like you meet the req to be able to hunt in Darashia Dragons, 40-45~+
You can easily Hunt there until Level 55-60+

If you have money enough to not care about wasting, and have a good distance. You can go on in Darashia Dragon Lords.
Beware! Usually WASTE! Solo spawn? = Many Dragons! So go slow.

Youre able to stay there for a good while, if you know how to play RP, and if you dont think that its to hard for you.

The Levels between 80-90~ may be a bit boring.

Either gather a full team of the following vocations. Elite Knight, Master Sorcerer, Elder Druid, and you. The Royal Paladin!

Go to Yalahar - Hellspawns.
(I suggest using Composite Hornbow + arrows). (Crossbow + Bolts).

When you reach Level 90, get a warsinger bow, and hunt with Crystalline Arrows.

Either continue teamhunting, or go Yalahar Cemetery -1