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[EK][MS] Free Scripts by Crack
12-29-2015, 04:56 PM
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RE: [EK][MS] Free Scripts by Crack
[EK] 60+ Coryms with rafzan - Easy
Tester level - 65
Tester skills - 73/70
Tester statistics: 40k exp/hr, 4.5k gp/hr

Backpack configuration:
Main: stackables, rope, and supplies
Bp in main: around 10x backpack in backpack for gold and non-stackables

[Image: Py8IdLU.png]

START: Venore Bank
.bbot  [EK] 60 Coryms Venore [by Crack].bbot (Size: 9.02 KB / Downloads: 67)

[MS] 95+ Dragon Lords SD
Tester level - 100
Tester magic - 65 (without eq)
Tester statistics: 230k exp/hr, -40k gp/hr

Backpack configuration:
Main: stackables
First bp Bp in main: for supplies
Sec Bp in main: your own needs
Third Bp in main: energy rings
Fourth Bp in main: rare loots

[Image: VQNbMyW.png]

START: Darashia Depot
.bbot  [MS] DL Dara Full AFK [by Crack].bbot (Size: 12.58 KB / Downloads: 73)

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