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Safe EK Exori & Copying your Waypoints

Somewhat recent updates messed up these macros. do not use them now

Ok, so since many people ask me, pm me same question once every few days.

How to setup safe exori to not hit people?

And what I mean, is an actual REAL 100% Safe exori, not just falsely safe which you can easily find in other posts of this forum which I NOT recommend to use, because they're easy to neglect.

I prepared Ready script, lets call it template, for them to use on their EK Scripts.

Also made video explaining how to finish setting it up.

.bbot   EK Safe AOE Template.bbot (Size: 3.69 KB / Downloads: 134)

To use my Safe Exori template on script you already have, you need to copy your waypoints, looter, killer, healer settings, as well as macros and variable you had.

Here is video showing how to do this in Notepad with your waypoints.

Sorry i realised it just after making that video, but you can also copy it the other way,
Copy AdvancedAttack settings, Attack Sequences and Macros from my Template to your EK script.
And remember to set up monsters you wish to attack

Just remember if u copy settings from one script to another, dont touch any line that has @M...... within.

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