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Hello people

I decided to be more active in forum, so I can help bbot grow, make friends/WarAllies, and raise my stats in forum so I can sell scrips

I will be working on some scripts these days ahead, if I get the courage

I intend to do:
A almost perfect body for leveling up scripts in main, using macros and stuff to fight bbots weaknesses so I can go 100% afk on my computers and other people's computers that I will get through remote acess, I need to make it very good because I want to bot 200+ chars in total when I get acess to all computers/vps's, I can make scripts to have less manual work, but I need 0,001% manual work, because if not it will take me much time in total, so it need stuff like:
1 - opening tibia/conecting tibia/open bbot/conect bbot/load script according to char name in bbot, all automatically(I will do it with other program to automatize windows)
2 - check if have nescessary ekips and equipment, else go to house/bank, then pick/buy
3 - check stamina to go hunt, check stamina during hunt, if low stay/go and stay/log, on dp
4 - if attacked by pk, either go to dp and wait some time, or attack back the pk
5 - smarter healer using macros, so when I get pked, it will heal with a bigger % than in healer configs, so I dont drop potions if I die
6 - hotkeys(for pressing on keyboard) to: force go to depot during the hunt, stay in depot after going to depot until other hotkey is pressed, to force refilling no matter how many potions I have
6 - if drop rare item, go dp store it
7 - set some script to the character load after he goes to depot, so it loads another script automatically if I want to change hunts without having to take the char to go depot then load
8 - exit with low potions, so I dont get lured
9 - and more, I'm still deciding what to add to main script body, the rest would be only to make the waypoints
that's for hunting scripts I will be making after the scripts below, I have to urgently make scripts for:
1 - lvl 8 -30 paladins 100% afk

2 - lvl 2-8 dawnport 100% afk with conecting the next character, with good xp/ekips buy/ekips pickup from floor, go to main cities and choose the vocation, if setted so
lvl 2-8 rookgaard 100% same as above

3 - and the most important, hellgate tasker for lvl 8, but only mission watering, because magic mission is hard because bbot cant gather monster without name id to shoot the item at it(if you know some way to do it, please tell me!), mushroom mission is hard/have to wait, and fire mission is hard
(right now I have made a cool script for task hellgate, and made 80+ premmy scrolls with it in hydera(cheap scrolls new server locked for transfers and only recently acessible to facc) it worked as following: I log in, it goes to start automatically, goes to magic mission place determined sqm, pauses cavebot, checks if the item changes after I manually use the item in the magic creatures, when the item change, it automatically activates cavebot and goes to watering mission, automatically uses the item there, goes to npc and reports the mission and stop cavebot again, then I again manually change the char and press a hotkey to start the cavebot again and it does all again,,, but it took me 5-6 hours every day to do it with 16 chars in each account, so it took too much of my time)
So I will make a script to do only magic mission/reconect next char, recently(yesterday) I figured out a way to make bbot conect the next char, I will share with you guys now, I tried with macros loadscript+self.logout+reconect, but it seems that reconect cant be used with self.logout, as both are persistents and one will keep logging out and other will keep trying reconecting, what I did to solve it was: make a protector to disconected with the macro: tibia.sendkey(virtualkey for down) and tibia.sendkey (virtualkey for enter), and make a self.logout in determined macro waypoint, so it will log out, press down+enter and conect the next char, took me ages to discover this, I hope its of any use for you guys :S

anyway, these are the 3 scripts I have in mind now, I will be working with dawnport/rookgaard scripts today, later on script for task, then scripts for paladins

I want to try to make some rl money with tibia, if I'm able to

Ahh... why I use bbot? I used to use bbot and Ibot, but Ibot took me ages to make a script, besides that, Ibot used(I dont know nowadays) to use too much of my computers, so I cant open many mc's, bbot is light, maybe the lightest bot, where I could open 5 Ibot with heavy lag and some script bugged because of the lag with ibot, I can open now 15 mcs with bbot with low lag because of minimizing stuff lowing the framerate in bbot basic tools

If you are thinking of using bbot, try and trust me, it's worthed!

I hope I can make some friends/allies in forum, and I hope I can help bbot growing

ah... and...
who is active on global? \o/
cool mate don't give up.
what the name of quest with task is?
the repenters quest
took me about 4 days, but now its done, first good script of my returnal to tibia!
lvl 2-8 dawnport knights for skeletons, features:
pickup some itens from floor and sells them before going to hunt, if setted to do so
buy shovel leather armor and sabre before hunt, if setter to do so
picks up hidden bag with itens, and equips the best set that is inside that bag, if setted to do so
go to hunt
hunts -1
equip itens dropped by skeletons if it drops any and have initial itens(dagger coat leather helemt etc)
hunts -2 floor if setted to do so and have enought potions setted previously
refils when have less than !potstorefil", if setted to refil so
goes back intown at lvl 8
uneq and drops set in hidden place if setted to do so, if its 30 minutes before ss, it does nothing, so it wont drop the set and lose if because of ss
goes to temple
-if its not setted to go to main:
logs out if setted to do so
stays online if its setted to do so
logs out and logs in next char and start it all again(picking set with other char), if setted to do so
-if setted to go to main:
drop remaining dawnport itens and drop gold if setted to do so
gets vocation, gets vocation chest backpack, goes to main to setted city(now I only made waypoints for abdendriel, but its easy to add other cities now)
goes to dp of setted city and:
logs out if setted to do so
stays online if its setted to do so
logs out and logs in next char and start it all again(picking set with other char), if setted to do so

that was what i did so far, im testing everything now
im thinking of quitting bbot :/
im having problems while botting
sometimes i get "this program stopped working", somestimes i get the tibia and bbot closes with no warning while reconnecting the next char with loadsetting+reconnect

I really fell in love with bbot, its simple scripting, light to the computer, trustworthy, fast updated on updates, but its not working for me anymore, its definally the best bot for hunting, but to lvl up thousands chars lvl 8, and making hellgate quest, its not working for me
Try to bot Max on 80% cpu using
There's a hidden bug that keeps crashing everything, I'm working on it and I hope yo have it fixed today, sorry.
if it gets fixed, it would be wonderfull... i will wait some more days
Bbot isn't the best bot that's right but is good because mega is interesting about every user and can add everything what ppl's need what haven't place in anyother bots. So when more ppl like me and you will help learn bbot better after some time it bring good effects
repenters task were removed, looks like ill have to change my plans hehe
not quitting bbot anymore
Ye not good xd let's go goblin merchant and knights farm
goblin merchant low money, have to wait respawn to make the quest, have to fight coryms, and takes too much time to do the quest just for 5k, ill have to bot normally :S

ill bot in many servers with the same 3 scripts, testing 2 of them right now :p
most of the times i try to do unusual scripts/tatics to make money, people always pk my chars -.-

will you share with me how you make money mr's damian?
do you enter bmega ts3 sometimes? where are you from? where do you play? hehe

yesterday i was testing cpu usage, i can open up to 50 mc's in 2 computers, 20~ in other, 10 in other, and 30~ in my main computer, i just need to make 100% afk that relogs, i intend to be using 100% of my cpu's next weeks,

bbot framerate minimized rules...
but ill have to make 450 accounts, just like you did, one char per account

what servers do you play?
I play on secura quilia harmonia Guardia valoria morta mortera Iona calmera nika kenora nerana. My idea for money isn't good I bot on hellgate before now I collect add-on items and doing chars on old rook getting legion helmet also goblin merchant and that task on outlaw camp and I got 40 kinas hunting. Good profit is also on grizzly task
I dont have many good ideas too, but I always try to work around botting knights on common hunts, because people always kill me, it doesnt matter to die, but when you have 40+ mcs with heavy lags, dying, losing equips and going to temple without rope and shovel is quite annoying

We can share ideas and stuff, you're very active here, thats good, do you use/used ibot/windbot too? I want to know how if I can open many mcs with those too, I want to make some scripts on those bots for leveling up some premium chars, since you can do everything with them, like quests, tasks and daily spawns, and stuff, Ill have to study some wiki before seeing what I can do, I know that sugar oat and northern pike, gives some money

I also want to make a script for collecting lootbags around tibia
send me e mail i don't wanna speak about cashmakers official

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