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GM? Really makes my think.
Am I the only one who has noticed some kind of teleport while botting?
Let me explain better... Im back to tibia after a year.
While botting with one of my moneymakers it seems that the animation when someone logs in appears, just the blue animation (with no characters).
Anyone else noticed that? I dont know if i made myself clear. Huh
I saw that as well, but I dont think that it was a GM or CM. I'm not sure but when a creature is lured too far from its spawn point it is teleported, also when a creature spawns (harder to see, they should not spawn when someone is near).
By the way.. The last time I saw some kind of GM/CM he was using normal clothes and low level, no special name.
Really great to see the bot stills on with you!
Probably you are right, i really doubt gm's are back.
Thank you for the attention.

Off: do you know if older members, like dre.windwalker, are still playing?
GM/CM Exist !
they are like normal players I used my dice script and 1 guy come to me ask 2 questions without game i didn't respond and get banned so I guess they definitly exist! Also I create account on high players server i put on bot dawnport and after 3 minutes I gotta deleted. On chars where I used quiet place like goroma quaras or small resp mino under thais where is hard to find any players i never got banned.

Now on main characters durring exp i using alert when player on screen and turning it of on refil that is fine and care i think
Sometimes people forget that GMs left the game, not the CMs. CMs are paid workers, and they can go to you and see your botting activity easily.

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