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MACRO - Advanced Anti-Paralize
09-05-2020, 04:04 PM (This post was last modified: 09-05-2020 04:37 PM by doxmey.)
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MACRO - Advanced Anti-Paralize

2 {Anti Paralyze} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()==100 [hp0] Self.Mana%()>=30 [hp0] Status.Haste()==0 [hp0] Cooldown.UnBlocked(def)==1 [hp0] Self.Say(utani gran hur) Cooldown.Create(def, 2000) Exit()  {hp0} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=60 [hp1] Self.Mana()>=160 [hp2] Self.Say(exura vita) Exit()  {hp1} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 Self.Mana()>=70 [hp2] Self.Say(exura gran) Exit()  {hp2} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 Self.Mana()>=20 [hp3] Self.Say(exura) Exit()  {hp3} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 Self.Mana()<20 selfID:=Creature.Self() Creature.ShootOn(!selfID!, 3160) Exit()


2 {Anti ParalyzeEK} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()==100 [hp1] Self.Mana%()>=100 [hp0] Cooldown.UnBlocked(def)==1 [hp0] Self.Say(utani tempo hur) Cooldown.Create(def, 2000) Exit()  {hp1} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<20 [hp0] Self.Mana()>=200 [hp0] Cooldown.UnBlocked(hheal)==1 [hp0] Cooldown.UnBlocked(exura)==1 Self.Say(exura gran ico) Cooldown.Create(hheal, 120000) Cooldown.Create(exura, 1000) Exit()  {hp0} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 [hp3] Self.Mana()>=40 [hp3] Cooldown.UnBlocked(exura)==1 Self.Say(exura ico) Cooldown.Create(exura, 1000) Exit()  {hp3} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 Self.Mana()<40 selfID:=Creature.Self() Creature.ShootOn(!selfID!, 3160) Exit()

I will edit it soon with variables for easy use.
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