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Hello my dear Bbotians,

I would kindly like to ask if its possible for someone here to figure out what client is so we can use our beloved Bbot.... If anyone solves this problem for me I will send you 40 euro to your paypal

You can add administrators or moderators as middleman I can pay them first and then they can pay you or w.e.

Also to add, the owner of this server is the owner of Kasteria, where the bot worked if you started the bmega as client 8.54 in custom connections... This one wont work - tho a little info is that they have preys, action bars etc etc but stating its 8.0 which I hardly could think it really is?
8.54 tibia but bbot don't working. It's full otc with blockling bot no custom client as kasteria, tibijka, eloth.
So it's impossible?

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