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[Gun/Ezodus] *EK* Carlin - Cults Graveyard 101% AFK
11-03-2020, 11:51 AM (This post was last modified: 11-03-2020 02:40 PM by Seeken.)
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Star [Gun/Ezodus] *EK* Carlin - Cults Graveyard 101% AFK
[Image: SEEKEN.png]

[Image: head.png]

Cults, Vile Grandmasters 180+ Carlin
[Image: cults.png]

[Image: features.png]

Variable - 2 Floors,
Variable - Buy Settings,
UnEquip imbue weapon when leaving spawn, Equip when enters,
Autoback to spot after being killed (Residence CARLIN Required!!),
Auto AoL - Logout when no AoL in a backpack,
Safe Exori, auto hur, ico
Anti stuck,
Auto use key, auto-remove wall!
Open and check every door

[Image: settings.png]

[Image: bpcult.png]
[Image: eqcult.png]
[Image: sett.png]
You need about 6 Backpacks for Loot, 2 for supplies, and AoLs. Don't need backpacks in Depo.
Recommended EQ! If you have less than 100 skills you should use Health Leech imbue at sword lvl 2-3!
You need a key to the graveyard! Look for a crate in dock ship Carlin, map below. Keep it in a backpack always!
[Image: key.png]

  1. Start Temple or Depo Carlin
  2. Go to Automation Tools > Reconnect Manager > Manage Accounts > Add new >
  3. Below type your passwords and add all characters in this account > Save,
    Next go to Basic Functions > Reconnect when disconected

[Image: PRICE.png]
2€ Buy it, click icon above!

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01-11-2021, 10:19 PM (This post was last modified: 01-11-2021 10:20 PM by Elmgren1337.)
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RE: [Gun/Ezodus] *EK* Carlin - Cults Graveyard 101% AFK
Its so easy to get stuck/trapped in there.
I've tested 20 different eks botting there, all of them got trapped easily and killed by maker mages lvl 100-150 by wasting them.

I've trapped* 20 different eks botting there.

Tho I havnt tested your script.
But the 6 sqm 1x1 tunnel that you need to pass through is so scuffed.
1 through behind, and 1 ek in front. And then bots have 0 chance of getting out unless they call team for help.
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