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There is a problem.
There is a problem. Bbot doesn't want to work at all, what may be the problem?
Mainly I mean collecting items for a backpack on one private server.

At the beginning it worked 2 minutes in the depo, and when I went to exp, nothing worked. Now it doesn't work at all ...
Help me.
Bbot.Items no names and id. There are a few items that are there, but those items are of no interest to me. I wanted to add my own, but it does not do anything because in the looter I can not find either id or name ... Please help.
Please help !!!
Yes. Will you help me or explain to me?
How to add items by id to the Bbot.items file?
Because I tried to do it and it doesn't work for me. Sad
Jest mi ktoś wstanie pomóc???
Which items u want to add, give me ids and what kind item it is
Ogólnie to jest sporo przedmiotów które chciałbym dodać, ale nie wiem jak to zrobić.
Overall, there are quite a few items I would like to add, but I don't know how to do it.

I need someone to explain to me or if someone had a movie, he could send it.
I am playing on a private server with version 8.7
It's simple to add more ids just follow this:
Quote:# Tibia flags
# ID,Flags,Weight,NPCBuyPrice,NPCSellValue,Name
# Flags:
# 1. Pickupable
# 2. Stackable
# 4. Countable
# 8. Container
# 16. Immoveable
# 32. BlockWalk
# 64. BlockMissiles
# 128. Ground

You need to add make something like: If it's just a normal ground 16+128 = 144
Stackable item: 1+2+4=7
Result 22083,7,400,0,0,moonlight crystals
And this with everything.
Thanks you very much! ! !

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