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(EDITED MORE EXP) Sea Serpents RP!!!
Hello, here you have my selfmade scripts for sea serpent new area which I have used to exp my paladin from 140 to 215 in 30 days of double exp! 75 lvls Big Grin

I hope if you download my script, you give me reputation!

The scirpts have variables SET UP FOR LVL 200 WITH PRISMATIC BOLTS so if you use arrows or you are less than level 190~ change them!!

Sea serpents New 340k/h with profit!

.bbot   RP 200 Sea Serpent New.bbot (Size: 11.83 KB / Downloads: 127)

Sea serpents New -1 370kh with profit!

.bbot   RP 200 Sea Serpent -1.bbot (Size: 12.08 KB / Downloads: 123)


.bbot   RP 180 Sea Serpent New.bbot (Size: 11.87 KB / Downloads: 119)

.bbot   RP 180 sea serpent -1.bbot (Size: 12.13 KB / Downloads: 74)

This 2 new scripts also include the spell 'exori con'!! What means this??
Less profit but MORE EXP and slighty improves your magic level!!
# Toni Ballador is back! #

i have a 170, can i use this?
as you did to add ''exani hur up'' in script?
Hey man i've got a question, how long did u botted ur char every day in these 30 days?
Because if the stamina is on 14:00 it takes around 3 1/2 days or something until its on 42:00 again xD

Thanks in Advance.
i test
i change options to 140 lvl work nice

[Image: jMDHgCb.jpg]
This scripts can be used from level 140 or maybe 130 if you have distance 100+

@Moppel... I used to bot like 15h the 'first' day, 15h on another char the 'second' day, and selling loots/questing/pvp... the third day!
And.. I got deleted even before using all my voucher xD

If you are botting chars 200+
1. Only 1 char/account
2. Change the script frequently (here you have 4 different scripts so don't use the same always)
3. Don't bot more than 8-10 hours in a row
4. Also play with hands! Stay logged-in without the bot... I think this is important
# Toni Ballador is back! #


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