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Make acc with 20 chars (nowbie way)
Some people want to make a lot of accounts with 20 chars.
But the truth is this: Is boring.

Now here can learn a simple and easy way to make 20 chars in 10 min.

  • Make chars not boring any more
  • if u follow the steps at 100%, works perfect

  • bad net = fail
  • block the mause and keyboard

before to begin, remember when you press play you can't stop

Let's start!

  1. First you will need download Mouse Recorder Pro 2
    • for what? = this program recorder the "walk" & actions Mause&Keyboard, with this we going to record the actions to make a char on the tibia page.

  2. After the installation, open it and u see something like this

    [Image: img1_zpssuqgd2cr.png]

  3. Now u need login the acc (prevously created) to record.

  4. When u are ready to record, press (keyboard) Home Buttom to go at the top of the account page
    • Remember, like one cavebot script, this recorder its a circle, needs start where ends
  5. Press the buttom RECORD (mause recorder)
    [Image: img1_zpsqezq3kuo.png]
    • now starts the magic
  6. press the buttom END (keyboard) to go at foot of the account page.
  7. click [Image: _sbutton_createcharacter.gif]
  8. wait for the loading page (time depends of your internet conection)
  9. click [suggest name]
  10. Use the keyarrows for down in the page (little touch, not press and hold)
  11. select game world location (to find most easy the specific world)
  12. select game world PvP type(to find most easy the specific world)
  13. select the specific world
    • if the world are already select, press again.
  14. click [Image: _sbutton_submit.gif]
  15. wait for the loading page (time depends of your internet conection)
  16. click [Image: _sbutton_continue.gif]
  17. wait for the loading page (time depends of your internet conection)
  18. click [Image: mediumbutton_myaccount.png]
  19. back to Mause Recorder and press Stop
    [Image: img1_zps0s0lrwdi.png]

Now we have a recorder, now the easy steps.
  1. Press Avanced
  2. Times to play script = 19
  3. OK!
  4. PLAY

now i go to dinner and sleep, not exactly in that order
Good. Thank you for this tutorial and share with this forum.

If want a paid software to make accounts (work with bad internet), check here:

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