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Need macro
Need macro for pal not face to face when my rp using exori san making skull on another char

Somebody can make too macro when player use sd on me my character going to label City and log out?
You can use protector option to change a label in cavebot when attacked by player.
So make a label near spawn point that leads to town, and put logout waypoint at the end, in depo.
[Image: YiKkrjv.png]

And about first. I need to know first how are you using your exori san exactly. If u have macro for it You can put condition in macro to check if there are players on 1 sqm radius, and if they are, to use exori con instead.
Thanks i do it rep for You
In protector i use label City, and when another player atk me character staying, waiting for lose pz and log out, some not work

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