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Bug Buying Potion Glitch
Hello guys, I haven't played in a while now but now i've come back and we got this version 87.0 which is giving me this glitch. It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen and i can't get it fixed... It doesn't happen on version 86.0 and also even if I exit and start tibia and bbot again the same thing occurs. It keeps buying hp pots till there's no more cap which isn't supposed to be happening... I've used this script for over a year now and now on version 87.0 this is happening. What can it be? Is it beyond my fixing? Here are the screenshots.

OBS: 1 - !hpid is changed by a macro after reaching a certain level. 2- Character has money to buy pots. 3 - Backpacks are open when buying.
[Image: polBp0Qzj]

[Image: pmQsIV9Nj]

[Image: pmIjwW7Xj]

[Image: pmji7IOIj]
[Image: WMrlp4.jpg]
MegaNo0body can you please give me some info as on how to fix this? Doesn't happen all the time but it does happen I can get you a video if you want.

(08-22-2021, 11:40 AM)MegaNo0body Wrote: Hello, great news!

We have moved our website, forums and wiki out of the previous hosting that caused several issues within our forums and login system. This was huge, we also updated all our systems from PHP4 to PHP8  (yes, we were very outdated!) and now using Docker within K8s. Thanks so much Silvio for helping us with the encryption and dockerization of the website.

Quote:Version 87.0
* menu rendering
* faster looter and open corpses
* restore API, login and error tracking
* issues trading IDs >32000 (we used signed INT, now items must be UINT)
+ telegram link
+ support for bbot.customitems.txt (see example in the 7z file)
+ debug link to enter debug tools
+ [macro] Dash.Start and Dash.Stop to start and stop dashing
+ [macro] When.Msg will register Message.Author.Channel

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