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Midnight Panthera Checker and Run to PZ
Hey, hey, hey!

I have some questions to you. It's possible to run from pk to PZ? And exist macro/script to alarm when Midnight Panthera is on screen?

Cheers, Shejker.

Btw. I'm new here, so don't blame me for bad forum section.
One question:

Start in depot?
Run to the spawnplaces
Run back to depot

Start over?

Kind regards Oscar
Please give me reputation if I helped you!

EK Project ~ By Oscar ツ
★Scripts By Oscar★
I play shadowcores, so no need run to dp, etc.
i Want only
Running 3 spawns of Panthera, + attack noob mobs canaprilha etc.
and +
IF U Can [ Use Leather Whip on Panthera ] If u know how to make
Please Repp++
Yes, my script starting in Depo.

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