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[Suggestion] New method to sell script
04-05-2014, 08:41 AM (This post was last modified: 04-07-2014 08:53 PM by xolink.)
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[Suggestion] New method to sell script
hi ^^, i was thinking about this along time so here i go
as you can see, not many people have paypal account or credit card to use this services, and for example i think its a waste of time for the seller and the buyer also
cause if you sell and script you must send the script to buyer and you must constaly check youre account to send him the script
so i think it can be possible make a short cut to this

creating a system for private forum script , and they can only be downloaded with permission of the creator of the script. That is, we would have to give them a kind of user permission to do private scripts, and that only can be downloaded, for whom decide and at the same they are visible to everyone, so everyone can see how many times been downloaded , or if purchased and downloaded , and thus generate more interest in people to buy them. And not having to wait to send the script , because once given permission to the user to download the script , the may download it without problems , and to create a personal touch for private script , and the only person who can edit the script is the creator of the script to prevent the person who bought the script reissue it , and do not share free forum script , since it is intended to pay to have something unique , and sometimes not always it is easy to create a script , I agree to share scripts, and even shared some of mine. It is a suggestion I hope the can into consideration.

Best regards .
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