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  Ezodus Razachai draken elite 250+
Posted by: Kazan - 02-21-2021, 07:42 AM - Forum: Free Scripts - No Replies

Free script cause i cant bot more than 1 ek on same spot (rules of server).

I recommend to use there full physical weapon (im using 2 handed umbrals) and 2x mana leech (without it on rapid respawn weekend ek will die cause of too long refill)
You need to have there:
1 backpack - main
2 backpack - first in main - one in next one (like 6-7 backpacks)
3 backpack - mana potions
4 backpack - stackable items
5 backpack - health potions

Im using there also critical imbuing but it's not necessary.
I used also "Human Timer" found by Catar so it's full save and will not even get skull (pz)

I forgot to tell you that script is already set for "exura med ico" which for 300 lvl is needed

.bbot   piwniczanki srodek dolem ezodus 2.bbot (Size: 25.56 KB / Downloads: 40)

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  MACRO - Advanced Anti-Paralize
Posted by: doxmey - 09-05-2020, 04:04 PM - Forum: Free Scripts - No Replies


2 {Anti Paralyze} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()==100 [hp0] Self.Mana%()>=30 [hp0] Status.Haste()==0 [hp0] Cooldown.UnBlocked(def)==1 [hp0] Self.Say(utani gran hur) Cooldown.Create(def, 2000) Exit()  {hp0} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=60 [hp1] Self.Mana()>=160 [hp2] Self.Say(exura vita) Exit()  {hp1} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 Self.Mana()>=70 [hp2] Self.Say(exura gran) Exit()  {hp2} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 Self.Mana()>=20 [hp3] Self.Say(exura) Exit()  {hp3} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 Self.Mana()<20 selfID:=Creature.Self() Creature.ShootOn(!selfID!, 3160) Exit()


2 {Anti ParalyzeEK} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()==100 [hp1] Self.Mana%()>=100 [hp0] Cooldown.UnBlocked(def)==1 [hp0] Self.Say(utani tempo hur) Cooldown.Create(def, 2000) Exit()  {hp1} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<20 [hp0] Self.Mana()>=200 [hp0] Cooldown.UnBlocked(hheal)==1 [hp0] Cooldown.UnBlocked(exura)==1 Self.Say(exura gran ico) Cooldown.Create(hheal, 120000) Cooldown.Create(exura, 1000) Exit()  {hp0} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 [hp3] Self.Mana()>=40 [hp3] Cooldown.UnBlocked(exura)==1 Self.Say(exura ico) Cooldown.Create(exura, 1000) Exit()  {hp3} Status.Paralysis()==1 Self.Health%()<=100 Self.Mana()<40 selfID:=Creature.Self() Creature.ShootOn(!selfID!, 3160) Exit()

I will edit it soon with variables for easy use.

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Thumbs Up MACRO - Magic Wall Behind Yourself
Posted by: doxmey - 09-05-2020, 03:54 PM - Forum: Free Scripts - Replies (1)

2 {MwBehind} Tibia.KeyDown(:K_NEXT)==1 Self.Direction()==:East [1] x1:=Self.X() y1:=Self.Y() VarSub(x1, 1) mapid:=Map.ItemOnTop.ID(!x1, !y1, :Z) Map.UseOn(3180, !mapid, !x1, !y1, :Z, 1) Exit()  {1} Self.Direction()==:West [2] x2:=Self.X() y2:=Self.Y() VarAdd(x2, 1) mapid:=Map.ItemOnTop.ID(!x2, !y2, :Z) Map.UseOn(3180, !mapid, !x2, !y2, :Z, 1) Exit()  {2} Self.Direction()==:South [3] x3:=Self.X() y3:=Self.Y() VarSub(y3, 1) mapid:=Map.ItemOnTop.ID(!x3, !y3, :Z) Map.UseOn(3180, !mapid, !x3, !y3, :Z, 1) Exit()  {3} Self.Direction()==:North x4:=Self.X() y4:=Self.Y() VarAdd(y4, 1) mapid:=Map.ItemOnTop.ID(!x4, !y4, :Z) Map.UseOn(3180, !mapid, !x4, !y4, :Z, 1) Exit()

Default key is Page-down, you can edit it on Tibia.KeyDown(:K_NEXT) k:next is page down just change to whatever you need. This macro is useful in the library.

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Thumbs Up MACRO - Minimize Open Corpses
Posted by: doxmey - 05-27-2020, 02:17 AM - Forum: Free Scripts - Replies (18)

So I've created a little macro to minimize the creatures corpses as you open them. This is useful when for example you just killed about 8 monsters and the bot goes to open corpses, after about 3-4 corpses it starts closing the already opened ones and doesn't loot them because the container closed when the new one was opened.

100 {CorpseMinimizer by Dox} bp:=5 VarAdd(bp, 1) Containers.TotalOpen()>=!bp [else] con:=Containers.TotalOpen() Container.IsCorpse(!con)==1 VarGet(con!con)==0 Self.ToggleMinimizeBackpack(!con) VarSet(con!con, 1) Exit()  {else} VarSet(con1, 0) VarSet(con2, 0) VarSet(con3, 0) VarSet(con4, 0) VarSet(con5, 0) VarSet(con6, 0) VarSet(con7, 0) VarSet(con8, 0) VarSet(con9, 0) VarSet(con10, 0) VarSet(con11, 0) VarSet(con12, 0) VarSet(con13, 0) VarSet(con14, 0) VarSet(con15, 0) VarSet(con16, 0) VarSet(con17, 0) VarSet(con18, 0) VarSet(con19, 0) VarSet(con20, 0) Exit()

Change NUMBER_OF_BACKPACKS to how many backpacks you have open.
Remember for it to work all backpacks must be minimized.

I'm still analyzing how it goes but any bugs or improvements please let me know I'm open to suggestions or other ways to do this. Also if it helped you rep me!

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  Hydra, Bog Raider Oramond 100% AFK EK - AURERA GLOBAL OT
Posted by: doxmey - 04-24-2020, 11:19 PM - Forum: Free Scripts - Replies (4)

Start script one floor up in oramond depot. It will go up one floor deposit all gold, go to potions NPC to repot, and go to hunt. Edit variables for how many it should leave hunt, how much to buy and so on.

1- Main BP - For gold and put rope here.
2- Loot BP - Items like boh
3- Stackable BP - Items like hydra heads
4- Supplies - Potions


Attached Files
.bbot   Hydra, Bog Raider, Oramond - EK by Dox.bbot (Size: 8.05 KB / Downloads: 77)
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