Forum Announcement: Rules
Respect is above everything.

Real Topic Titles
All the topics must have a real title.
Invalid titles examples: HELP, URGENT
Uppercase titles are also considered invalid.

Language Organization
The language used in any forum is English, except for the sub-forum Off Topic. Anything else will be warned as the penalties of the Warning section.

Section Respect
The topics must be created on the right sections:

If you need help you must ask for help on the following section: Support & Help;

If you have a request for a macro / script you must ask on the following section: Request;

If you are sharing a script or a macro you must post on the section: Scripts & Macros;

If you want to post screenshots, movies or even character projects: Screenshots & Movies;

Free talk about anything: Off-Topic

Remember: surgestions, ideas, bugs must be reported on the Issue Tracker, or on the News Section (on the BBot Version Topic wich the bug is present).

Free BBot & Global Forum
For every 200 reputation points on the forums you earn 30 premium days on the BBot. If you have a 200, 400, 600[..] reputations please contact me on: [email protected] telling your forum user and bbot email.

Free Scripts
In this section is allowed only free scripts or packages scripts. Not allowed shortener link, shortener with ads, etc. The script must be attached in the forum.

Paid Scripts
Requirements to create a topic with paid scripts.

I - You must have at least 200 valid posts.
II - You must have at least 20 reputation points.
III - Your forum account must be at least 4 months old.
IV - You must stay active in the forum. User inactive for more than 10 days the topic will be closed and moved to the trash.

P.S: New rules can be added and also changed without notice.

The Rules Enforcement
Max points a user can receive: 3 points.

1 Point: (33%) suspension of post right for one week.
2 Points: (66%) suspension of post right for two weeks.
3 Points: (100%) permanent ban

Warnings: (Duration: one month)

Disrespect (+1 points)
Insistence (+1 points)
Invalid Thread Title (+1 points)
Topic on wrong section (+1 points)
Wrong Language (+1 points)
Offending Staff (+2 points)
Spam (+2 points)
Hack Attemp (+3 points) Permanent Ban
Spambot (+3 points) Permanent Ban