Forum Announcement: Payment Problems - Did not received your Premium Time?
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Stay tuned because the response time of this email is between 2 and 5 days.

Quote:Subject Title: BBot Premium Time not received
To email: < support at bmega dot net > (remember to replace the at by "@" and the dot by "." without quotes)
Content body:


Date: DATE OF PAYMENT (e.g: 2017-12-30)
Amount of Days Bought: 10/15/30 days

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[ ] PayPal
Paypal Transaction Number:

[ ] MoIP
Emails about MoIP are received only if the payment has made 5 days ago and did not automatically actived.
The MoIP may take some days to validate your payment. If your payment is currently stated as Complete or Autorized and you did not received your BBot Premium Time then send the email following the template.

MoIP Codigo da transação:

[ ] PayGol
Send the email following the template.
Please try before sending the email!
Phone Number:
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Your phone number:

You'll receive your payment if the payment be manually verified with sucess.
You'll receive a email if your payment is not found.
You'll receive nothing if you don't follow this exact template.