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I keep getting this critical error when i try to open the bot.
[Critical] Cannot find BDll.dll, please, download again!

I've downloaded the bot about 10 times now and its still the same problem.

I've had the bot for 15 days and used it without any problems, just bougt it again since my 15 day period ended and now this keeps happening, what should i do?
Your antivirus may be deleting the BDll file.
i tried downloading without my virus protection on but still didnt work..
Have you extracted it?
I have same problem, antivirus isn't deleting it cuz i have the program allowed, what can it be?
That error means that BBot cannot find the file BDll.dll, it may be the following reasons:

1. Running from WinZIP/WinRar/7-Z;
2. Anti-virus deleting BDll.dll;
3. BBot has no permissions to access the file (which Anti-virus may be the reason again).

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