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SELL TWO ACCOUNT AURORA, 145 EK 70 MS 70 RP ///// 150 RP 45 ED 50 EK
HELLO. I have for sale two account on aurora.
first acc have 145 ek with 8 1/2 mlvl and 95/89 sword///74 ms with 58 mlvl and 70 rp with 84/71

second acc have 150 rp with 98/83 and 22 mlvl// 45 ed and 50 ek (noob chars)

first acc are not registered, using premium scroll, second acc are registered,i give rec key and email with account.
i can sell empty or with beginner eq ( zaoan legs demon shield etc.)
tell me ur offers first and second acc
i think 1,3 kk for acc with 145 knight and 800 k for acc with 150 pally
hmm... from where are u?
I from poland but i am in germany three years
skad moge wiedziec, ze nie wyjebie** na hajs i chara? Big Grin
mozesz jakos na tibii napisac?
i chcialbym jakies info jakie questy zrobione, czy jakies addony sa, mounty itp
Pewnie ze moge natibi napisac,daj nick
Second acc be sold, i have to sell first acc with 145 ek
THIEF ! he gave me acc with rkey but i'm not a one owner of this character, he sold this character for some persons... please ban him here...
hahaha. god joke man.i say to you " wait 30 days for be safe. I am not first owner of paladin,only on acc with knight
u will have ban here, u're thief and i don't like thiefs Wink you fking kiddo
Arnoldo, have you given account to pawelekwalie?
Dexter i can give u rk for this character and everything, i'm not one owner ... idc i need my money-.-
Dexter,i give acc andd r key for pawelek
BUMP, 145 EK FOR SaLe not registered acc
want bbot premiun time? for ek lvl 145?¿
no,i dont play tibia now

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