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Wand of Darkness macro
hello dear Catar it's possible to add Coolldown to a healing macro, for example (exura max vita has 6 seconds delay) and (exura vita has 1 second delay) how would it work best for when max vita with delay it uses exuta vita todo time. I use this one but it doesn't work well[code Wrote:60 {Healer} Self.Health%()<97 Self.Mana()>160 Self.Say(Exura vita) Self.Health%()<50 Self.Mana()>260 Self.Say(Exura Max Vita)is it possible to create? if yes can you help me? pid='119542' dateline='1521998245']

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Wand of Darkness macro - by Catar - 03-25-2018, 05:17 PM

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