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Tasks 2021 - Lets improve BBot
(07-18-2021, 04:11 AM)qikfix Wrote: Ok, these are some ideas i had for BBot:

- In macros, enabling using lists (@food for example, so i can compare an ID with a list and see if it is in);
- What about, in the Message variables, put Message.Channel so I can tell which channel the message come from;
- What about an IF() function with: IF(bool, labelIfTrue, labelIfFalse) (I know is there a way to do that already, but this way would be easier and more clean);
- I noticed there are some player that can't read English, so I think it's a good idea to allow language change (the community could contribute with the translations);
- In looter, if the return message is 'You are not the owner', the bot can skip some steps and already keep going in the cave bot;
- Same thing could be done if the loot message doesn't return any item in looter;
- What do you think about damage statistics? What is my DPS, or how much damage i took per second (and in total);

I'll post more suggestions here as more ideas are coming;

Great collection, thanks!!!

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