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Paygol problems venezuelan
Hello mega, I'm cogna forum, I'm trying to buy paygol 10 or 15 or 30 days of premium and can not, is that my country Venezuela is locked possible?

hola mega, soy cogna en el foro, estoy tratando de comprar por paygol 10 o 15 o 30 dias de premium y no puedo, es posible que mi pais venezuela este bloqueado?

hello mega-
fórum meu nome é "cogna"

Eu estou tentando comprar paygol 10 ou 15 ou 30 dias de prémio e não pode

É possível que o meu país Venezuela está bloqueado?

[center]BBot Is The Best BOT!

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[center][Image: ?uh=646F6D656E69636F64697669746F&u3=597174&rcv=1][/center]
We are not responsible for selecting the countries Zaypay and Paygol sells to. Those payment gateways will try to find a SMS or Call prices match with BBot price. If it is possible, it will sell with this matched SMS/Call price, however, when a price that matches BBot`s price is not found, the payment gateway stop selling to your country.

We cannot help you, it`s a temporary issue until they find a new price that matches BBot`s value. It may take a day, a week or even several months.
I try to pay the ibot RE: Paygol x msn and I can not as I am from Venezuela ?? who helps me

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