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Add more SOUND to BBOT
Some people ask for more sound of BBOT!

Many people are upset by the alert sound that has BBot, the truth is good if you are away from the computer. Some guys works or studys while BBot does the hard work and I've scared sometimes lol.

Now, I have the solution, I found some sounds that can USE for BBot, you can download them for free here.

Steps to add sounds:

1.-We open the folder BBot
2. We look for the "Data" folder and Now "add sounds" there.
3. Enjoy the new sounds.

[Image: bbotsounds.jpg]


Attached Files
.bbot   sounds.bbot (Size: 473.34 KB / Downloads: 56)
.bbot   More sound for BBOT.bbot (Size: 1.45 MB / Downloads: 46)
[Image: scripts4gamers.jpg]

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Add more SOUND to BBOT - by wekoz - 04-02-2016, 11:27 PM

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