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tibia ban
Any1 hear about tibia ban by using bbot?
I'm using it to heal my char on hunts and exp, today someone who I know was deleted but I don't know why. It comes on my mind...
I wonder if You hear about deleted acc/chars of some1 who used bbot?
Yes, here few ppls was banned by bbot but they boted acc 20 hrs daily 2-4 chars on acc in this case on every bot u might be deleted. I used bbot from 2 years and never been deleted. I've done few 200 lvl's around 20+ x 100+ lvl and milions 80+ kinas. Every botter have own rules how to bot. My1 for example are:

On facc only 1 char on acc
If pacc max 2 chars on acc (never 2 knight try mix it knight+pall,sorc,druid)
stamina never going down than 25hrs
1 acc no more online than 12 hrs
change the scripts or walkways every day!
use place where is not to many ppls

shout be OK Smile

I know ppls who get banned on all available bots
Thx, good to know.

There's no safe bot, just safer users Smile
A friend of mine said that an ally of his team said that he saw a GM, yes, a GM, saying hi and few seconds later, he was deleted, that was yesterday

Another friend of mine said that many people are being deleted the past few days, and another war friend of mine said that 3 people who was reported yesterday was deleted today.

I cant confirm these facts, because I dont follow newly deleted chars websites, but I think its easy to anyone to research and tell us rs...

but my personal history about being deleted is: I only got deleted while I was botting about 1 year ago, by that time I was botting 30 lvl 8-35 facc knights accounts with bbot, 24/7, simple scripts, and I got deleted on 2 of these 30

I have 4 friends that use bbot, and they have more experience than me, and they always say "bbot is surprisingly safer than other bots"
Its a mass delete!

Look here on the right: online players from 17 oct Smile
i got banned yesterday, or today, i dont know.
I cant login to my acc, the page said that i must writing my login or password wrong, but if i try to get back my acc by clicking "acc lost" it saids - "Error
This account can not be recovered. "

me too
is bann?
i today delete my 1acc ; d but make new and have other 8acc xD
I have got 8 accounts named 1, 12, 123, 1234 etc. Also almost all mine character have same fraze in name and i havn't got ban at any of they yet.

Namelocks only Big Grin
[Image: sGmYH7p.png]

again delete wtf?!

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