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From today I'm sure it's working
At morning before job I checked my bots on 1 client i had set protector GM on screen with one was enabled 30/100 accounts what was online at this time deleted
that was nob chars so I don't care.

Mega is any option to connect 20 mc by proxy every with diffrent ip?
You cannot create a new Tibia account at the moment. Please try again later!

Any system anti mass account ?
Hmmmmmmmm always I thinking about IP Changer like MC (on OTS he's work) but if add server name original Tibia that can be work?
I'm trying HELP You guys, make me favour and press this /\ green button with REP+, this keeping me with helping You.
I think it's changing ip to conect server not a computer ip it must be proxy like you geting ip blocked use proxy online u can login on page i didn't tried proxy to change ip computer.. I cannot create new acc on tibia also by proxy my friend can do it. They propably blocked my computer or something like that

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