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Create Youre Own Waypoints AfK, Depositer, Refil By Xolink

Hello Guysm this tuto its for all community, since i see, a lot request about how to make
you own waypoints, ok.. let begin^^

[Image: holaly.jpg]

First, our waypoints should always start with a label called "Start or Inicio", to indicate where begins the waypoint. It is always advisable to start our WPT from outside a Depot or Depot, as also in the end, always come back to the depot, to save either loot or money, depends on what you like.

OK! Here we go, When you open our Bbot, we go to the section "cavebot" We select the checkbox Learn (learning points automatically)
[Image: cavebot1.jpg]

As I mentioned earlier we start by adding a Label to our Waypoint, in my case I will put the name of "Inicio".
[Image: cavebot2.jpg]

Then we started walking to create our path or the path that will take us to our cave, and every time we walk a certain distance we see that appears "[Point]" means that the Bbot keep that point, as image servers provide.
[Image: cavebot4.jpg]

Many of you are wondering how to add stairs, using rope, shovel, well, with the detection system of the Bbot levels, have no reason to worry about adding a ladder or rope shovel, the Bbot always detects only, so if lower a ladder, the BBot automatically recognize it, and always keep a point to raise or lower, be, rope, shovel, ladders, stair. See the Image.
[Image: cavebot5.jpg]
As you saw descending the stairs the BBot keep a [Point].

There will also be times that to get to our cave, we have to go through doors or using an elevator, in my case I have to use a wagon, because I'm in the city of Kazordoon, but do not worry do not have to use any complicated macro. We just need to add a "Map Tool" in our Waypoint.
[Image: cavebot7.jpg]

Well, how did it work? It's simple, the "Map Tool" allows us to use an object that is on the map, and also allows us to use an object on the map. For my case I need the ID of the "wagon" to use it, remember to see the ID's of objects must Press Alt + F8 to see the ID's, once you press these keys, the option to see ID's will be checked at the top left of the window of our "Tibia Client" and every time you give a Look at anything, it will show the ID's of that object.
[Image: cavebot6.jpg]

When we add our "Map tool" we will get a box showing our private location and asking follow parameters: the Id of the object and its position.
[Image: cavebot8.jpg]

As you can see the red line indicates the ID of the object, the green lines are our position, this is very important when placing the position of the object, since it is not the same position in which we stand. Yellow Box shows the position of the "Wagon" and the blue line shows the position of our "Char", remember that the position "X" is always horizontal, "Y" is vertical and "Z" only shows the level or height we are. If you look carefully at the picture you will realize that not much changes the position of the wagon and mine. After adding a "Map tool" Try it and make sure to that work.

When we add the "Map Tool" to WPT will look like this:
[Image: cavebot9.jpg]

Some times when we use something that teleports the BBot could get stuck. So in this case, add a 'Fixed Point "after using the wagon to detect that" [Point] "and then move to the next" [Point], the "Fixed Point" can be very useful to mark a specific location you want to get ^ ^.[Image: cavebot10.jpg]

As you can see, I add another "Map Tool" to get to the exit "Kazordoon" and start the points where we hunt.
[Image: cavebot11.jpg]

Now whenever I start adding the waypoint of our hunting area, you must either add a label with the name of Hunt, cave, hunting area, as you like, since we will use it later.
[Image: cavebot12.jpg]

All we have to do now is cross our cave and points are automatically saved.

Now whenever we finish our cave tour and I repeat ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS! we add a FULL CHECK LABEL to well determine whether our "char" will continue hunting or should return to Depot or bank to deposit ^ ^
[Image: cavebot15.jpg]

When we add the "Full check label" always opens a web page showing how to use the "Full check label", but hey I explained it here. ^ ^
[Image: cavebot14.jpg]

The Code section is where we need our "stop condition", which means, when the cavebot should go to Depot, in this case we check the "capacity" of our "Char" in the image I have capacity of 494 and in Code section put: "cap <500", which means iF my "capacity" is less than 500 in this case it is, then we go to the section "lABEL oN FULL" and add the name of the label to we want to go if my capacity is less than 500 in my case is Depositer (which is the way back to the depot) in "ELSE" will place the name of the "label" that will move if my capacity is increased to 500 in my case is Hunt (which is the name of the label that I put at the beginning of our cave) to do this, the Bbot always evaluate my "capacity" and if greater than 500 will go to Hunt's label (which is where I start my cave and it will go to label Depositer.

After adding our Full Check Label, we must add one label with the name you put in the FULL ON LABEL section and added once we begin to create our way back to the depot, in this picture, I'm back in the depot , but as you can see is my label of "Depositer" after the "Full check label"
[Image: cavebot16.jpg]

Then added a MESSAGE to deposit, and brings the Bbot defaults to choose from, in this case I want to deposit my money so I choose Hi / Deposit All / yes
[Image: cavebot17.jpg]

Following this, to deposit items, we place ourselves in an area that has many depots in sight and added a Depositer. So our char deposited everything depositable marked as the "Looter section".
[Image: cavebot18.jpg]

As a last added a "Reset Backpack" to restart our backpacks and a "Go label" with the name "Inico" to return to "Inicio label" found at the beginning of our waypoints.
[Image: cavebot19.jpg]

But ... what if you want to make your char refil buy manas or health potions. Well in that case we would have to add a Withdraw (near the bank NPC) in an unlikely event that the "depot" this far from the "bank" will have to make a path to the bank and then add the withdraw in my case the bank is right here in the Depot. I DO RECOMMEND "WITHDRAW" AFTER OUR GOLD DEPOSIT AND AFTER MAKING OF ITEMS DEPOSITER.
[Image: cavebot20.jpg]

We will see a box with the parameters that we must fill ID of the item you want to buy, UnitPrice (item price per piece) and Total is the number of pieces we want to always have. In my case I put 100 and the Id of the health potions, we know that cost 45 gps healths. ^ ^
[Image: cavebot21.jpg]

NOW! happens if our "char" return to depositing and spending nothing but five pots, do not worry and do not think that the BBot will always buy 100 pots, NO! the BBot only buy those that you ever need for 100, so if I spend 5 only make one withdraw to buy 5 health but what if you do not spend anything? the BBot will do a withdraw but since I do not need any potions not draw money, but yes, anger to the NPC there trying to purchase and return to the cave. So do not worry about buying Ruin remain in the pots. The "Bbot" buy only what you need

Now clear that after making a withdraw need to create the path to the NPC that sells potions in case Kazordoon this as 2 levels above Depot, when we get to the NPC what we have to do now is add a Buy.
[Image: cavebot22.jpg]

By adding the "Buy" We will see a box asking two parameters, the id of the object you want to buy and the total always want to have. In this case I always want 100 healths. Remember that the Bbot only buy you will ever need for 100. Neither more nor less.
[Image: cavebot23.jpg]

After added will display as:
[Image: cavebot24.jpg]

Finally to finish, in this case I must return to the depot since the beginning there is the route of my cave. I add a reset Backpack a label with the name of inico, We saved our Waypoint and we click on the Active box and are ready to Bot and for you to share in the forum ^ ^.
[Image: cavebot25.jpg]

It may not always need to return to the depot after a refil, can add a label to take them to a route closer to the cave, as is the case Coryms that after making a refil best place a label on the door out east and a "Go label" after making refil take you to the door to avoid having to return the depot Big Grin.

Well and that's it, now just need a little practice, imagination, patience. LUCK!

Commenting is you are grateful, remember ^ ^ good and a bit of "Reputation" Thank jejejeje not bad either! ^ ^
[Image: pAq4kLP.jpg]

If my advice help u give me some REP ok?, si te ayude regaleme un REP vale?, Se minha idéia te ajudou, manda um REP ae TY, Gracias, Obrigado
Great work dude!!! Big Grin
Wow, really good work, specially it's very well explained the MapTools and Trades,

but I've never known: Why to use labels? I always used a single FullCheck and the first point is at cave
# Toni Ballador is back! #

I need your help, I made a script for Warlocks in demona, all the time trying to kill the monster and open the body, then the bot is stuck and does not go away. When we do move the form it goes on, but the next time a monster killed and try to open again zaicna body. Please help me.
Gracias Xolink! Muy buenoo Big Grin y bien explicado. Jeje
NIIIIICCCEEEE MEN will try to create some own scripts yeeer thanks m8 +++REP
Xolink muy bien explicado ,me preguntava si puedes pasarme tu skype para hablar, tengo varias dudas de algunas cosas
thamks Man ! ! ! very nice job my first F-AFK Scripts done thais - edron dragons ; D for 50+ kina!~~! Big Grin bank+refil+seller items(but seller on ots fearless) Smile))))

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