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[Newest Tibia BBot 35] Shopping problem
Hello Mega , I got one serious problem with bbot. Since I've downloaded version 35.0 Bot is stoping on trading if he cant reach npc. For example , there are some npc with very loong range, so Im making one waypoint where bot is saying hi and then hes using trade to sell/buy items , and if he didnt reach npc then he goes to next waypoint and then he is selling items again. In version 35 the bot stops on first waypoint spamming hi/trade . If for example npc wont come closer to player or hes blocked by some box the bot is going to spam hi for hours instad of going next waypoint. It is really serious issue for me because i got many scripts where npc isnt walking in like 2-3 sqm but in whole rooms or houses where I have to put some trade waypoints. Any solution to this?
Look this thread:
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This is not a bug, the BBot should never continue the hunt with no cap, if you can't sell, then is better to have a alarm or a stopped script than going to hunt with no cap and possibly dying. To fix, use FullCheck IsTradeOpen and @NPCDistance.

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