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Byko & Seeken Project ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I have problems with my account Bro. I will log soon.
~~ Exiva Nois
I bought new script from Erleo Heart
[Image: 1zr2ffb.png]
kk let me make little refresh of topic Smile
[Image: f41jmd.png]
All my characters:
[Image: svo3z5.png]
help me get level 200 Sad
At first - got lvl 200 is possible to got in one week/two weeks, it become harder from 200 (not tellin bout 300 Tongue ) .
If u comment write something more clever. U (do u?) can make scripts (u r selling script for 15 lvl, pls Big Grin), so make script for urself and bot, got money, lmao.
knight place to 130?
I was using HIVE -1 for Erleo.
Nice project, keep going
msg me in game
name Bidi
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